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Nov 2021

“Say No to Plastic!” Campaign Gathers Forces to Reduce Plastic Usage

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After 3 years of close collaboration with different sectors, “Say No to Plastic!” campaign has come to an end.

The “Say No to Plastic!” campaign, sponsored by Great Eagle Group, organized by Go Green Hong Kong and co-organized by Healthy Seed, has garnered the support from businesses, environmental organizations and charities to support this environmental protection movement. From June 2018 to August 2021, the campaign has completed the installation of 77 bottle-free water dispensers, and has delivered talks and workshops that gathered over 13,000 participants.


Previously known as “Water for Free”, the campaign originated from the mobile application developed by Go Green Hong Kong. The application provides the location of free water dispensers and encourages users to bring their own refillable bottles instead of buying bottled water. 

In 2018, Great Eagle Group sponsored Go Green Hong Kong for the first time to work with Healthy Seed joining the “Water for Free” campaign to install water dispensers in Hong Kong, offering free, clean and safe drinking water. In addition, education talks were organized in kindergartens, primary schools and community centers, etc to raise public awareness on environmental protection. To maximize the impact of the campaign, Great Eagle Group also arranged for exhibitions on water resources to be held at its properties and invited universities to host the exhibitions on their campus. 


Riding on the success of the “Water for Free” campaign, Great Eagle Group, Go Green Hong Kong and Healthy Seed decided to scale up the collaboration in 2019, in the name of “Say No to Plastic!”. In addition, the campaign scaled up its service to cover secondary schools and students.

During the project, the campaign has completed the installation of 77 bottle-free water dispensers. As of October 2021, the campaign has provided over 413,000 litres of clean drinking water, which is equivalent to avoiding nearly 827,000 disposable plastic bottles. 


Aiming to raise public awareness on environmental protection, the campaign has delivered 67 talks and 6 urban farming workshops. Apart from kindergartens, nursery centres, primary schools and community centers, the campaign has expanded to secondary schools, reaching more than 13,000 participants.


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