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To nurture every child’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional as well as moral strength to the fullest

We believe that all children should be provided with holistic and proper care, which in turn enabling them to grow into healthy and moral adolescents. Cognitive and social-emotional, physical and creativity capacities, as well as moral development are crucial for their lifelong learning and growth. We believe that the development of these qualities relies heavily on concerted efforts by families, institutions and the community as a whole. In view of this, our Foundation spends huge efforts to promote positive and effective parenting skills by:

strengthening institutional capabilities through training of practitioners,

     helping related service providers deliver Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD) services with confidence;

facilitating the promotion, delivery and advocacy of holistic childcare support among the public

     through workshops and seminars, along with strong evidence-based programs;

guarding children’s rights to be loved, nurtured and cared for.

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