Music Children @ Sham Shui Po

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Ensemble-based Musical Literacy

Our Foundation agrees with the theory that “music is for every children” (Karl, 1992). Every child has the right to experience the transforming power of this art and our support to this theory is shown in our close collaboration with the Music Children Foundation (“MCF”) in providing free music education for underprivileged children in Sham Shui Po. Most of these programs are led by industry professionals to ensure their quality. 
The core program of the music education includes an orchestra and a choir for children aged from 6-12 where they can learn to play musical instruments in an orchestral-environment and to showcase their talent publicly. This core program has helped foster participating children’s self-confidence, pride and aspiration while simultaneously enabling them to develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility through teamwork.
To enhance good parent-child relationship and the holistic development of children, our Foundation supports the MCF in offering a wide range of parent-child activities, including opportunities to attend professional orchestral performances and music workshops. We hope that parents can enjoy the intimate experiences and quality time with their children through these activities.

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